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Overseas Study Centre (OSC) was established in 1996 and its first office was on Gembong 2 st Blok E-10 Surabaya. In 1998, in order to be closer to city centre, OSC moved to Mawar 41 street, Surabaya. OSC is an education consultant agent which helps students who want to study overseas.

In 1996, its focus was on students who wanted to continue their study in USA. In addition, OSC also helped students who wanted to continue their study in Australia and Singapore.

In 1999-2001, we decided to add Germany in the list of countries we send students to. However, since the procedure and process to apply and get the invitation from a German’s institution could take a long time, longer compared to other countries, OSC Director, Mrs. Linda Irianto, has decided to stop sending students to study in Germany. Instead, in 2002, OSC has made agreements with some institutions from Malaysia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, in early 2003, OSC has built a partnership with an Australia education agent, DK Science & Learning, to help taking care of the students, whom we send to continue their study in Australia. We establish this partnership in order to increase our service performance towards our students. Although they have been accepted by schools of their choice and start the school life, we will still be there to help if they need any assistance, such as extending the student visa, finding new accommodations, helping to find part-time jobs, etc.

However, since August 8, 2006, OSC has decided not to continue the partnership with DK Science & Learning, Australia due to the difficulties in managing two growing companies at the same time.

Since 2015, OSC focus to recruit students to study in New Zealand because New Zealand is one of the world’s best places to live and study. Discover more about our high ranking education system and incredible lifestyle. World-famous for its friendly people, spectacular landscape and relaxed lifestyle, New Zealand is an unbeatable place to live and study.