Applicants should submit a completed Scholarship application form together with completed enrolment form along with IETLS results and a certified passport copy. Applications must be submitted at least two months before the course start date. Please send your application forms and supporting documents to

Please read the following notes before completing the application form:

  1. Applications will be assessed on case by case basis, we will let you know within two weeks of receiving your completed application and supporting documents.
  2. The Scholarships are for students who are applying to study the Bachelor of Culinary Arts and Business. (It is not available to existing Bachelor of Culinary Arts & Business students.)
  3. Awarded candidates agree to participate in extracurricular activities as required to support and represent Le Cordon Bleu Institute New Zealand.
  4. The successful candidates will have a 15% reduction in tuition fees for the second and third years of study. The Scholarship may be suspended or terminated if it is considered the scholar has not made satisfactory academic progress in each year of study.
  5. The balance of tuition fees will not be invoiced until after the Scholarship recipients have been accepted and been announced.
  6. No application fee is required.