The Bible and Radiometric dating (the issue with Carbon 14 as well as other dating practices).

Many individuals are beneath the misconception that carbon dating demonstrates that dinosaurs and other extinct pets lived scores of years back. Exactly what many don’t understand is the fact that carbon dating isn’t familiar with date dinosaurs.

The main reason? Carbon dating is just accurate straight back several thousand years. Therefore if boffins think that a creature resided millions of years back, chances are they will have to date it another method.

But there is however the issue. They assume dinosaurs lived an incredible number of years back (rather than many thousands of years ago just like the bible states). They ignore evidence that doesn’t fit their preconceived idea.

Exactly what would take place if a dinosaur bone tissue had been carbon dated? – At Oak Ridge National Laboratory, boffins dated dinosaur bones utilising the Carbon dating technique. Age they returned with was just a couple of thousand years old.

This date failed to fit the preconceived idea that dinosaurs lived millions of years back. Just what exactly did they are doing? They tossed the results out. And kept their concept that dinosaurs lived “millions of years ago” alternatively.

This is certainly typical training.

Then they use potassium argon, or other techniques, and date the fossils again.

They are doing this often times, utilizing a different dating technique every time. The outcome is as much as 150 million years distinctive from one another! – how’s that for an “exact” science?

Then they select the date they like most useful, in relation to their notion that is preconceived of old their concept claims the fossil must be (in relation to the Geologic column) .

So that they focus on the presumption that dinosaurs lived an incredible number of years back, manipulate the results then until they agree making use of their summary.

Their presumptions dictate their conclusions.

Why could it be that when the date does not fit the idea, the facts are changed by them?

Impartial technology changes the idea to guide the reality. They need to perhaps not replace the known facts to suit the idea.

A Dinosaur carbon dated at 9,890 and 16,000 yrs . old never an incredible number of yrs old like evolutionists claim

We have documents of an Allosaurus bone tissue which was provided for The University of Arizona become carbon dated. The outcomes had been 9,890 +/- 60 years and 16,120 +/- 220 years.

“We did not inform them that the bones they certainly were dating were dinosaur bones. The effect had been sample B at 16,120 years. The Allosaurus dinosaur was allowed to be around 140,000,000 years. The examples of bone tissue had been blind examples.”

This test ended up being done on August 10, 1990

Comment from an audience: “Of program carbon relationship is not likely to focus on your Allosaurus bone tissue. That technique is just accurate to 40,000 years. If you carbon date a millions of years old fossil so I would expect to get some weird number like 16,000 years. 16.000 years by the real method remains 10,000 years before your Jesus supposedly created the world.” Amy M 12/11/01

My reaction: the limits are explained by me of Carbon dating below. A very important factor you might like to consider though, is how can you understand it really is millions of yrs old, offering an “incorrect” date (one which you think is simply too young) or if it is only some thousand years of age.

So far as your feedback that 16,000 years is more than whenever God created the planet, we understand that there’s more carbon within the atmosphere than there was clearly a thousand years back. So a date of 9,000 or 16,000 years is much more likely to be less. Possibly just 6,000 yrs old.

30,000 limit to Carbon dating year

Carbon dating is a dating that is good for a few items that we understand the general date of. Something which is 300 yrs . old for instance. However it is definately not an exact technology. It really is back that is somewhat accurate a few thousand years, but carbon relationship is certainly not accurate past this. Thirty thousand years is mostly about the limitation. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that our planet is 30 thousand yrs old. It really is much more youthful than that. (1)

Due to the earth’s decreasing magnetic field, more radiation (which forms C14) is permitted in to the atmosphere that is earth’s.

Willard Libby (December 17, 1908 September that is– 8 1980) and their peers discovered the manner of radiocarbon dating in 1949. Libbey knew that atmospheric carbon would achieve balance in 30,000 years. He believed it was already at equilibrium because he assumed that the earth was millions of years old. Nonetheless each right time they test drive it, they find more c14 into the environment, and possess recognized that individuals are just 1/3 the way to equilibrium. (1)

– So what does this mean? It indicates that predicated on c14 formation, the planet earth has got to be lower than 1/3 of 30,000 years old. This will result in the planet lower than 10,000 years of age! (1)

Carbon dating is dependent on the presumption that the quantity of C14 within the environment is without question the exact same. But there is however more carbon within the environment now than there clearly was 4 thousand years ago. (1)

Since carbon dating measures the quantity of carbon nevertheless in a fossil, then your date offered just isn’t accurate. Carbon dating makes an animal residing 4 thousand years back (whenever there is less atmospheric carbon) seem to have resided 1000s of years before it really did.

The thing that was the amount that is original of in the environment?

A great guide on the flaws of dating techniques is “Radioisotopes therefore the chronilogical age of our planet” (edited by Larry Vardiman, Andrew Snelling, Eugene F. Chaffin. Posted by Institute for Creation analysis; 2000 december)